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For the history buff, who might be interested in taking their interest to the next level?

Now is the time to JOIN UP!!!

Our Living History battalion and its member Companies, are in need of you. We are eagerly looking for new recruits, to join the hobby, and to help fill the vacant ranks. If you have ever considered becoming a Civil War Re-enactor, or perhaps, you may be entertaining the idea, then we would like to meet with you and talk about it. The U.S. Muddy River battalion is currently one of the largest and fastest growing Civil War reenactment battalions west of the Mississippi. We pride ourselves on the strong reputation that we have thus far built, as a battalion over these first few years.

If you think you would be interested in Reenacting, then this is defiantly the group to join. Our member companies will teach you the School of the Soldier, Manuel of Arms, and marching techniques needed. They will also advise you on how to get your uniform and equipment (from the cheapest to the best). As part of the Muddy River, you will learn how to maneuver as part of a full time Battalion with multiple companies. As part of an Army!!! We do our utmost best, to give every member a bona fide, 19th Century, soldierís experience. No matter where you live, or what your interest may be, we have a member company to fit your needs.

"The man, who enlists in the Muddy River, gets in with as brave, good, whole-souled men as ever shouldered a musket in defense of Liberty; and in a regiment whose reputation for bravery and efficiency is second to none".


Ultimately, the Muddy River Battalion, and each of its member companies, needs enough members to average a solid turnout for each event. This can sometimes be difficult, since our members are average every day folks with 21st Century responsibilities. Day to day activities such as family and work, will often times not allow every member to make every single event. Thatís OK, but this dose make for a need of a large overall membership, in order to insure enough of an average turnout to field a solid stand alone company for each unit and the Battalion. A 16 rifle company is the typical average needed for most re-enactment Infantry companies. That is largely sufficient to operate as an authentic and scaled down version of such, but dose limit a unit in a few key areas. But the fact remains that the more men that are in the ranks, the more a company can do at the average event, and the more authentic the experience becomes.


However, we largely believe that the single company organization is not completely an authentic experience, and doses not properly reflect a true Civil War portrayal. Civil War soldiers joined companies, which were then organized with other companies, and formed into Regiments or Battalions. It is our goal to be a battalion level organization of multiple companies, serving together as a single battalion. With as few as only 2 companies, we can accomplish this, at least on a scaled down version. However, we try to strive for at least an average of 3 to 5 companies, which will allow us to perform as a solid stand alone battalion at most events. Thus, our goals, and membership needs on the Battalion level roughly equals out to that of right around 150 members. This may well be an overly optimistic goal for any single organization of our hobby, in any single community. However, our Battalion has its member companies located throughout the Region, in many different cities. Our member companies therefore have various home areas, and chiefly recruit out of those areas. Then, several times a year, the various companies come together for specific events, and march as an authentic battalion.


The U.S. Muddy River Battalion has member companies as far north as the Nebraska and South Dakota territories, to as far south as Springfield Missouri. We are largely, however, concentrated out of Kansas City and St. Joseph regions, and will quickly refer new members to whatever company is closest to where they live or to whatever company closest matches their interest. We encourage those who might be interested in joining the Muddy River, to contact us, so we can get you hooked up with a member company. Chances are that there is at least one nearby.


If you are already an established Civil War re-enactment (company level) organization, and if you currently do not belong to an established Battalion, then perhaps it is time for you to take the next step in an authentic civil war experience. The U.S. Muddy River Battalion is always seeking to add new member Companies to the Battalion Rolls, and we certainly offer a fair and unique membership experience. There are of course some basic membership standards, and you can find these in our Battalion By-Laws, on this web page. But they are usually nothing extreme or out of the ordinary, and most companies should not have a problem in meeting these basic requirements.

If your Civil War unit can field at least a 12 to 14 Rifle company, on average, then you will be guaranteed to march as a stand alone company at most events. If your unit, at the moment can only field a detachment, but is in the process of growing, then we still encourage you to contact us and possibly join. You would just want to keep in mind, that as a detachment, although youíll be a member unit, while at events and in the field, youíll be assigned to other detachments or companies, to help field basic operational companies. This would not take away from your home designation. But, once your detachment begins to field at stand alone company strength, then you will earn your own company letter. If your detachment or company is interested in possible membership in the U.S. Muddy River Battalion, then please contact our Battalion Headquarters, and talk with us directly.


If you are perhaps interested in forming a brand new infantry company up (or in the process),, and if you would be interested in becoming a member unit of the U.S. Muddy River Battalion, then please contact our Battalion Headquarters, so we can talk to you about it. If certain criteria are met, and other standards agreed upon, the U.S. Muddy River Battalion might officially authorize and Sanction the formation of new Companies. Our Colonel will even Commission an officer of a new company commander, upon a new member unit reaching and fielding at least 12 Rifles in the field.

If you are at least willing to form a new company up, and think that you have the experience, and would have some success, then please contact our Battalion headquarters and talk with us, because we are interested in helping out, and having you join the Muddy River Battalion.

Send a Telegraph E-mail, to our Battalion Recruiting Office , to contact us.

Or Write to:

U.S. Muddy River Battalion
P.O. Box 8092
St. Joseph, MO. 64508

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