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The official web site of the U.S. Muddy River Battalion

The U.S. Muddy River Battalion is an umbrella organization of company level (Civil War Re-enactment) units, that have come together to form a basic and scaled down Regiment.

As an organization the Muddy River portrays a typical 19th century era, Union army Infantry battalion of the Frontier and Western theater of the war. The battalion puts an emphasis on the regimental experience and that level of organization, that the average soldier would have been a part of. Several times a year the battalion takes to the field and serves at various local, regional, or national Civil War events.

The Battalion currently has 9 member units and can field on average, anywhere from 40 to 60 rifles. This usually works out to the fielding of 3 to 4 companies, depending on the event. Member units of the Muddy River are for the most part, located from as far north as the Nebraska and Dakota Territories, to as far south as Springfield Missouri. The foundation of the battalion however, is in and around North West Missouri which (for the most part), serves as the home region.

The U.S. Muddy River Battalion, can trace its lineage from the old 2nd Battalion of the U.S. Frontier Brigade. In the spring of 2007, the U.S. Muddy River Battalion was organized as an Independent organization

Our battalion's battle honors for 2015 include...

Hulston Mill (June 2015) – Basic generic Civil War encampment weekend with a late war 1865 year setting. Battalion fielded 4 Companies & turnout of approximately 65 Rifles. Portrayed ourselves as the U.S. Muddy River Battalion. ~
1862 battle of Pea Ridge Arkansas (September 2015) A 1st Federal Division “Effort in the West” – Battalion fielded 3 companies & a turnout of approximately 60 Rifles. On Saturday we portrayed Phelps Independent Regiment of Missouri Volunteers & on Sunday we portrayed the 22nd Indiana Infantry. This was the first time Muddy River has ever done a Pea Ridge event.

Click Here To view a full list of where we have been to (our Battalion's Battle Honors)

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